Since the organization’s inception in 1999, three fundamental product lines have satisfied the customers over the years. They are as follows – cut & sew knits, woven shirts & blouses, and true knitwear. To bring a revolutionary change in the industry, Renaissance Group employs partially challenged people.


While aspiring to provide the finest quality of apparels, Renaissance Group also aims to preserve the environment. Through the usage of an Effluent Treatment Plant of 30 cubic meter capacity, the World Bank guidelines are met.

Developments Through Learning

Renaissance Group believes that enhancement occurs when there is substantial learning for an individual. Their disabilities should not hinder them from any progress. To support the growth of our employees, we have taken the following steps:

  • Recruited 75 partially disable workers from CRP (Center for Rehabilitation of the Paralysed) in the last 2 years.
  • Provided the training cost of CRP workers
  • Provide training to the CRP workers.

Stimulating The Wonders of Women

The power of women is unparalleled. Their contribution to Renaissance Group is consistently valued. We encourage women empowerment with female workers up to 95% of the workforce. We provide medication and sanitary napkin distribution for the care of our female workforce.

Nurture of Potentials

At Renaissance Group, we support people of different ages in finding their true potentials in a variety of sectors. We support the North Bengal Cricket Academy to nurture budding talents. We also run a primary school along with Save The Children. There are gifts and certificates for children of employees who received a GPA % in Primary and Junior secondary exams.

Rediscovery Through Recreation

The culture of Renaissance Group is not only limited to innovation and perpetual hard work. There are intracompany sports tournament, art competition for the children of our valuable workers, and annual picnic of every unit ranging from Marketing, Merchandising, Human Resource, Logistics, IT, Internal Audit to Finance & Accounts.