Sustainability At Every Step

Renaissance Group believes that businesses can strive when there is a sustainable balance in the environment it operates in. Based on this belief, we work together to protect our nature and practice sustainability at every step of our operations. At Renaissance, we deeply care about our customers, employees, and the environment we live in. Hence, we embrace the lifestyle that cultivates a robust world for the coming generation.

Nourishing a Healthy Habitat

Implementing sustainable actions for an everlasting impact.

Grounding a Societal Influence

Evoking inspiration with consistent sustainable practices.

Our Best Practices

Our employees are our responsibility.

Digital Pay

Seamless and safe payment method for every Renaissance employee.

Fair Price Shop

Meeting the employees’ basic needs and enriching their experience with free membership cards, a credit purchase facility, and 10% Discounts on all products.

Group Insurance

Covers the health facilities of every valued Renaissance member.

Organizing Different Health Camps

Ensuring the good health of every worker through a multitude of health camps.

Recruitment of Physically Challenged People

Enabling our physically challenged employees to demonstrate their skills.

Empowering the RMG Workers Living in Urban Slam (BRAC Project)

A joint effort between Renaissance Group & BRAC to provide financial, legal, and medical support to every RMG worker. Online services are also provided through the MAYA APA app.

Pre-Primary School

Free education for underprivileged children residing in the vicinity of Pandora Sweaters Ltd.

Extra Healthy Meal for Pregnant Workers

Additional healthy meal for every prospective mother at Renaissance.

Family Planning Products

Helping employees in nurturing happiness through proper family management.

Art Competition for the Children of the Workers

Fostering creativity of the treasured children of the workers at Renaissance.

Tree Plantation

Preserving the environment with regular tree plantation.

Free Sanitary Napkin

Catering to female workers’ menstrual health with free sanitary napkins.

Free Iron Tablets

Sustaining good health of every pregnant worker with free iron tablets.

Observe Cleaning Day

Every month, we observe Cleaning Day to acknowledge the importance of a healthy environment.

Female Cricket Match

Exhilarating cricket matches organized for women.

Our Cultural Activities

At Renaissance, we celebrate culture with pride and pleasure.

  • Craft Competition
  • Pitha Uthshab
  • Bashanta Uthshab
  • Annual Cricket Tournament
  • Annual Picnic
  • Annual Iftar
  • New Year Celebration
  • Womens Day Celebration

Our Community

Renaissance aspires to grow hand in hand with the people whose enthusiasm helped bring the company where it is today.

Investing in Communities

True success only manifests when a business is able to elevate the world it thrives in. On this account, Renaissance Group encourages healthcare, education, and sports for the youth inclusive of all genders. We aspire to provide voices to the unheard, strength to the marginalized, and a platform for the changemakers. Together, we can improve the quality of life and make the world better than it was yesterday.